Xan Young is a producer/songwriter based out of Brooklyn that released this R&B tune titled “Tomorrow”. This song has a catchy chorus that will have you chanting along as he sings, “There’s always tomorrow, but don’t let tomorrow rule today”. His soothing vocal tone mixes perfectly with the music and causes an uncontrollable urge to vibe with him. This producer is fairly unknown throughout all social media platforms, which might be attributed to about a year ago when he fell off the map for a while. As of recently, he has been releasing a song every couple of months, which brings us to the conclusion that a comeback is in order. Before this song, he released a soul-influenced jam entitled, “The Future”, which you can listen to Here. We do appreciate that he is so interactive with his fans that contact him, which seems to be a rare quality nowadays.

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I like music, tattoos, and beer, in no specific order. I also like dogs a lot.