The Restless Atlantic, post hardcore quartet from Portland, ME, took a leap forward in their development with the release of the Afterglow EP, during September 2016.  Having spun this six-track gem more than my fair share of times, several things quickly became apparent; for one thing, the band clearly put in a sh*t ton of hard work in the studio. This time spent perfecting the EP did a lot of justice to their flourishing skill and passion.

Cameron Wheelock, Vocalist; Tom Cook, Bassist; Peter Caradonna, Drummer; and Sam Ellis, Guitarist are each well represented.  The six-tracks were all a reminder of the energy the four display on stage.  The hooks and choruses were all notable, especially on “Into the Light.”  This track struck me as one that fans will think of, years down the road, when they inevitably say before shows, “Man, I hope they play some of their old stuff.”  On my third/fourth listen through the EP, I found myself infatuated with “Into the Light” in addition to “That Good Night” and “On Choosing.”

I think that if I had one gripe, it would be that I enjoyed the Anthony Green-esque sound that Cameron’s voice had on TRA’s debut album, Chasm.  IMO, his voice held a little less of this quality on the EP.  Regardless, he still nailed the vocals, and perhaps this is just further evidence of Cam’s voice developing further into its own unique sound.  Also absent from Afterglow was any screaming.  This isn’t a complaint, just an observation, as screams probably would have sounded slightly out of place among the crisp vocals on Afterglow.

For this young band intent on rocking hard while maintaining intelligent, refined instrumentals, Afterglow is a very solid performance that showcases them coming into their own.  Considering the quality of the EP and the fact that TRA has opened for the likes of Memphis May Fire, The Ongoing Concept and Wind in Sails, I have no doubt that there will be much more great work down the road.  Portland owes its gratitude to TRA for putting on excellent performances throughout the state.  Whether you’ve followed them since their founding during 2014, or you’ve just caught on with the release of Afterglow, be sure to catch them on the brief tour detailed below.

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