Sunday night at “Out of the Blue Too” in Cambridge was one of the best shows I’ve seen in recent memory… You know what? Screw it, ever. The venue was as cool as it gets. Out of the Blue Too is an art gallery, so you know that everywhere you looked, there was something that caught your eye. On any other night I would’ve been all over the place adventuring the art; but not that night. My eyes could not leave the stage.

The opening act was Hech Rhymes and Kiki.D whom had some extremely powerful lyrics and stage presence. I was happy to get hip with them because their passion for the art was undeniable. However, the main reason I was in attendance was for the four following acts.

Next on the mic was… the SQUAD and J-Sun led them off. This dude no doubt has the fire and talent to rock a stage anywhere in the world. He took a little hiatus the past year or so, but he came back with a vengeance. His swag was off the charts and he even blessed us with his new single titled “Reasons”, featuring Brenda Sundara, which is some real hip hop ish and as deep as it gets. Can’t wait to watch him perform next.
Next on the mic was… Chris Borelli. We met this lyrical monster a few years back at a show at UMASS Dartmouth and I’m amped to be a fan of his music. His lyrics are always so real and it helps you put yourself in his mind on each track. He also produces a bunch of his own tracks so you know the music is made organically with no filters. Love watching this dude grow into the promising young musician that he no doubt will become.

Next on the mic was… Colly C aka Colly Kill It. No joke, this music he creates give me chills down my spine when I listen or watch him perform. With timeless classics like “Pindrops” and “White Boy Dancing”, his range is like none other I’ve seen before. One second you’re listening to every thought-provoking lyric, and the next you’re jumping up and down jamming out with the whole crowd in unison. His energy is top notch and always provides a good time. Not to mention, dude is a BEAST on the rap battle scene (be on the lookout for his next battle dropping online on 06/22).

Next on the mic was (last but not least)… Rex Mac. You guys NEED to listen to the original vibes this guy is creating. Like CB, Rex Mac is an animal at producing his own beats. Right there is when you know it’s his creation from the ground up. When listening to Rex, it’s hard to explain the feeling I get in any other words than f****** awesome. You’d need to listen to understand… He just recently released the video and track for, “The World is Not Enough”, where the message appears to be “The world is yours, you can do whatever you like”. When he performed the song live, not only did the crowd go absolutely bananas singing every lyric of the chorus with him, but also the motivation a song like that gives you means more than just music… it’s life, it’s a vision, it’s passion, it’s amazing.

To round things up, this show was as great as they come for underground hip hop. Soon enough though… it won’t be underground, I put my word on that. I am proud of my brothers and the moves they’re making. But don’t take my word for it, just GO AND LISTEN TO THEIR MUSIC AND SEE A SHOW. Then, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

“Reality is wrong… Dreams are for real.” – Tupac

Jdubavelli out (RIP TUPAC).


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