Sean Mackey AKA Smackey is a young photographer taking some amazing photos in and around the Boston area. The seventeen year old high school senior is from just outside of Boston in Danvers that we first found through his Instagram. After some back and forth emails, we were able to find some time to ask him some questions about himself and his photography.

What kind of camera do you use to take your photos?

My camera is a Canon 6D with Canon 24-70mm f/4 and Rokinon 14mm f/2.8 Lenses.

What made you want to start taking photos?

Originally I was a videographer, filming videos of my friends at my local skate-park.  I would spend all my time filming and editing videos and uploading them to YouTube.  I was very familiar with my camera and I always knew that there was more to it than just video.  I knew that the photography side of my camera was a whole new world to discover for myself to learn and master, so I was always curious as to how it worked.

How long have you been taking photos?

From age 12 to 15 I was filming and editing videos and my friends were a major part of me discovering my strong passion for photography and creativity. My friends would occasionally take photos and I decided to join them. I would bring my Canon T3i, and just experiment with the craft. It was really fun and I was into it so much that I couldn’t stop progressing, it felt so natural and right; photography always puts me in the perfect mindset that separates myself from all of my worries.  I’ve been taking photos for 10 months.

What is your favorite thing to photograph?

I like to take photos of people the most.  I used to be all about architecture, but I want to get more into taking portraits because it’s fun for me to interact with people while taking photos.  From hanging my feet out of a helicopter above all the tallest buildings in Boston to exploring the majority of rooftops, I have experienced more perspectives of my city than most people and it is so difficult to get a meaningful perspective now after exploring so much before.  It’s almost a necessity for me to change my style to portraiture and I’m glad that it’s something that I like to do.

What do you hope to achieve from photography/what does it mean to you?

From photography, I hope to open up many opportunities for myself.  I hope to meet many new people on top of the ones I have already met. With portraiture, I plan on getting involved in fashion. I am interested in the rising popularity in street wear and I can use my photography to take photos of others representing brands. Also, I plan on creating my own clothing designs with my good friend Jose, who has already started his own clothing line, Adept Apparel. I believe that from being involved in the creative process of cinematography, and now photography, I have realized that I have a strong desire to branch out to as many aspects of creativity as I can because that’s just who I am.

You can check out photos by Sean on either his Instagram or Website.

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I like music, tattoos, and beer, in no specific order. I also like dogs a lot.