Say is a producer from Stockholm, Sweden emerging on the scene with “Monsters”, which is her first debut single. The dark electronic pop jam has nothing but good vibes surrounding it. Her unique voice blends well with the style of music she has chosen to work with, which allowed for the creation of this head-bobbing tune. “Monsters” happens to be the only song that Say has out at the moment, but this song has created a steady stream of buzz and interest that hopefully will push her to release more music soon. At the moment, there’s a change happening in the trends of electronic music genre with what listeners are requesting to hear. This is causing a rise in music that doesn’t follow the previous norm for this genre’s popular music. The shift is allowing for an influx in new producers that are stepping outside the box to create more experimental music and the listeners are eating it up. This track is one of those breakouts from the musical shift and the people have spoken, making this one of the “must have” songs added to your summer day party playlist. You can follow her Soundcloud if you want to keep up to date on previews that she posts of any upcoming tracks, but if she releases anything new, we will be the first to show support and make it known.

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I like music, tattoos, and beer, in no specific order. I also like dogs a lot.