Post Malone has finally released an actual mixtape. I repeat, POST MALONE HAS ACTUALLY RELEASED A MIXTAPE!

I must admit, I am a huge fan of “White Iverson”. If you’re a basketball fan, how could you not be? He made the perfect hit to get put on. However, for the long time after that track came out I had been waiting for an actual product I could listen to. I took the time to look up singles by him and could literally only find 5 or so other tracks. Now though, the time has come. 10 new tracks from White Iverson himself.

He begins the mixtape with a track called “Never Understand”. This is a great intro. It somewhat explains how his mindset has changed since “White Iverson” blew up. After this he has a song featuring 2 Chainz called “Money Made Me Do It”. Now I want you to picture any song that 2 Chainz has been a feature on… Yup, you got it. It sounds just like that. After this Post Malone has 3 tracks in a row all about women, money, and drugs featuring the likes of Jeremih. I get it, all rappers fall into this category at one point or another, it just gets a little heavy at times.

Regardless though, the song called “Hollywood Dreams Come Down” is where I fell in love with this tape. It starts off with a phenomenal sample of Fleetwood Mac’s song “Dreams”. Post sings the lyrics himself (with a little help from auto-tune of course) and gives them a real nice spin off. This provides a great chorus from what sounds to be a real happy tune. Then the darkness arrives about halfway through. The beat becomes ominous and Post then starts singing about hoping to wake up the next morning due to “how hard” he went the night before. I think this track is way deeper than it’s appearance and is absolutely worth a few listens.

In order to truly love this mixtape, you just need to love the sound and vibe… which I do. The lyrics will never be the high point in Post Malone’s career but I think he has what it takes to build a good career in the game and I’m excited to hear the CD when it drops.

If you want to see Post Malone live he will be performing at the Maine State Pier in Portland, ME at Hot 104.7’s Hot Summer concert. Other acts include Fat Joe and Ty Dolla Sign and the show is on Saturday, June 4th.

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