Pizzle is another great musician from the continuously budding music scene in Milwaukee. I understand that this is like the 4th artist that we have recently featured from this area, but it’s because we just can’t seem to get enough of the music coming out of the home of Pabst Blue Ribbon. While listening to this album, I noticed that there are a coupleĀ of tracks that have been around for a while as well as new tunes that were just released. I appreciate this approach because it means that he’s been trying to perfect the album and make it how he feels it should be. The sound changes throughout the tracklist from start to finish, which can probably be attributed to the amount of different people that have had their hands in the creation of this album. My favorite songs off this album have to be “Need More Time”, which is a great introduction to Pizzle’s album, and “Tokyo Love” featuring Rahn Harper.

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