Oso Oso came into my world recently. I have music playing all day while I work and when I discovered his first record, it really caught me up. The (pop-ish) punk masterpiece pulled me right in and the hooks had me listening over and over. I shared the album with my usual cadre of music loving friends and that was it. Oh cool this came out in 2015 – I hope something comes out soon…  and it did.

Spotify wasn’t working and I went to Bandcamp to buy Monsters and all of a sudden a new album. I now had multiple things to look up… Yuhahon is a mystery still.

The album kicks off with high energy reminiscent of The Ergs but with the pent up heartbreak emitted by Rivers Cuomo. The albums first gem is found in “The Walk,” which is not only catchy as hell but has some profoundly relatable poetry. Talking through a comment from someone he presumably loved, he questions their meaning, all while ignoring the most important thing. That we need to grasp moments and enjoy every second we have with people we love. Who has not messed up something by misinterpreting the intention of what they were saying?

“Get There (When You’re There)” pulls at you like some nice early Chris Conley. The simple riff carries Jade’s layered harmonies breaking up the album. For most stopping halfway through an album with such a poignant and unique sounding piece is risky. As the track goes silent you wait a few seconds and then it is back. The twang, the ear is relaxed and then sucked back in with a beautiful tone.

The album carries on with themes of love, both being in it and learning from it. Themes of waves and the ocean are littered throughout. Obviously the ocean is an overwrought source of metaphors. The mentions could make this album a group of sea shanties. Lilitri’s poetry twists around your head with each perfect and wrenching second of the album.

“The Slope” sets up the rest of this fantastic album. This track could have easily been written in the hey-day of Jimmy Eat World and I am not complaining.  The bass line in this track alone makes me want to play music again.

I couldn’t begin to even pick a favorite track. Jade is the new John K Sampson in my lyrical world.

Go here and download. Throw the artist some support. Love it (I know you will) and share with your best friends. Anyone who loves earnest music will appreciate it.

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