One Minute is a young producer from the Netherlands that is way ahead of his time. Maybe It’s because I’m getting older or the Internet has made it easier to learn producer skills at a younger age, but I feel that the age at which talented producers emerge has dropped over the years. This 17 year old trap prodigy has been creating music in multiple genres within the electronic genre for 4 years now. When he first started producing, he was influenced by artists such as Skrillex and deadmau5, which makes sense after listening to this track. The only way to describe his music is a collaboration between dubstep-influenced instrumentation and house style builds that are all held together with a strong 808 base. Although he has created tunes that don’t fall under the trap music umbrella, he mentioned to us that he always finds himself coming back to creating trap music. At such a young age, the only direction this artist can go is up, and it helps that he is relatively unknown outside of the Soundcloud community. If you dig this tune, he has a whole Soundcloud account full of them and most are available to download for free.

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