Kelela is originally from Washington DC, but has moved to Los Angeles and is slowly been making her way back on the music scene after the release of her impressive album entitled, Cut 4 Me. She has always stayed active in the live music scene, which is actually how I first heard her. A couple years ago in LA she played a show with Brooke Candy a.k.a. The Freaky Princess at the Roxy Theatre. Her stage presence and vocal range were unreal and after the show, she made a point to talk to anyone who wanted to have a conversation. About three months ago she released “Rewind”, which is off her upcoming EP entitled Hallucinogen. This song is an upbeat trap and soul influenced jam and now she has released this remix by Kahn of “All The Way Down” featuring GAIKA, which is from that same EP. This song highlights the best parts of her music from her vocal tone and range to the intimacy of her lyrics. If you haven’t already listened to her previous album you can listen to it Here as well as download it for free.

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I like music, tattoos, and beer, in no specific order. I also like dogs a lot.