Boston based photographer, Karen Jerzyk will open your eyes and shift your imagination in full gear with her beautifully, scary and surrealist creativity. I discovered her Instagram while researching local artists and was immediately drawn to her unique style. Jerzyk explains herself as “An incredibly introverted, awkward wallflower” finding her expression through photography after given a digital camera as a gift for graduating college (ironically, with a BA in English). Though, Jerzyk feels like a wallflower, her photographs are emotional and moving when speaking to the audience.

Jersyk’s newest series,  Scenes From Another World, is my favorite because of her compositional work. These nightmare-ish scenes are perfectly complimented with beautiful, vintage architecture. What is the coolest thing, is Jerzyk searches for these old, abandoned places with relics left inside so that she can clean and re-setup for photo shoots. In fact, she was even arrested for doing this.

You can read more about Karen and purchase prints on her Website.


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