Joey Jewish is from Tuscan, Arizona and making some awesome sounding jams in the trap-soul genre. This trap-soul trend has been on the rise over the past year since Bryson Tiller blasted on the music scene. I like to compare Joey Jewish’s sound to a DJ who has mixed of all the best singing verses from Drake’s discography together into one song. The instrumentals are amazing and he has a vocal tone that fits perfectly with them. “Brixton” is a single off his upcoming BLK SVND EP that’s set to release on July 4th through his Bandcamp, where you can also pre-order it and receive the EP’s title track. He also just released a full-length album a couple months ago entitled, Beautiful Solitude, which you can check out Here.

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I like music, tattoos, and beer, in no specific order. I also like dogs a lot.