Hiko Momoji and Austin White collaborate on this heavy hitting electronic pop jam. Hiko is a producer from NY, where as Austin is residing in The Windy City. I wasn’t quite sure what to think when the track first started because there were some interesting samples, but the tune takes a turn for the amazing when the vocals by Austin start up. His style of singing mixes well with Hiko’s producing abilities and the lyrics are extremely catchy. Hiko has a strong following on Soundcloud, which unfortunately hasn’t translated over to his other social media outlets. Austin on the other hand, is on the¬†underground side of the music industry. He has a ton of tunes on his Soundcloud and his music stylings tend to follow an old school sound that reminds me of Leon Bridges. He also has an album that you can purchase for $2 on his Bandcamp entitled, “aus in translation”. We can only hope that the response these two received from this song will hopefully ensure a future collaboration between them.

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