This show was the perfect way to bring an end to the 2016 year. I came across this concert put on by Guerilla Warfare a little late, but with some help, I was able to gain access to cover both the show itself as well as some of the artists. The show had a stacked roster of local artists who had performed before as well as one who was making their first live debut. The full list of performers included Anibal, soap.wav, Gogo., Connor Donovan, and tunes from the official spinner of the night, DJ Meyna, who is out of Providence. Luiego, an artist out of Amherst was on the bill, but due to some weather issues he wasn’t able to make it. The entire show was a full three hours of amazing vibes and even better music.

First, I’d like to start by praising the Lilypad in Inman Square as a music venue. The venue is on the smaller side with a capacity of a little under 100 people, but this is perfect for the intimate style of shows that people are always craving. The staff working the event were extremely friendly and helpful as well. Also, if you’re early to the show, you can stop by The Druid, which is a modern Irish-themed bar right next door, and grab some drinks and tasty food.


DJ Meyna

Now, back to the show. Before attending this show, I had heard music from Connor Donovan because we have covered him on Know Your Scene before, but I hadn’t heard music from any of the other artists that were performing. I love going into events not having heard the music because it allows me to walk in with an open mind. I arrived to the event around 10PM and the venue was already starting to fill up. Everyone at the show seemed to know each other, which made the atmosphere of the show even more inviting. DJ Meyna started playing a mixture of hip-hop, trap, and a little EDM on the ones and twos to get the crowd ready for the acts that followed. Connor, who was headlining the show, acted as the emcee for the night introducing each performer before they ripped the stage.



The first performance of the night was by Anibal, who is an artist out of Cambridge, MA. The crowd seemed to know exactly what to do when his music started playing. They bounced and sang along to every tune, which is usually unheard of when it comes to opening acts. Anibal has a song called, “Ecstatic”, that reminds me of music by Brothers From Another and will have you bobbing your head almost immediately. The next performer on the stage was soap.wav AKA Young Skate and he did not disappoint. He started out strong with some heavy hitting beats while effortlessly commanding crowd participation. Also, about half way through his set, he was joined on stage by macse, who’s was making his first live debut, and Connor Donovan. Soap.wav is another musician out of the local hip-hop scene worth checking out and following his musical career. The song that was met with the most energy by the crowd was “7 Days”, which was produced by SLIGHT and released about seven months ago. The five track EP entitled Live From Up Here that “7 Days” is on has features from artists like Gogo., Connor Donovan, and Ricky Sour, as well as being produced by a various different producers.


Connor Donovan & Gogo.

Next to take the stage was Gogo., who is another local rapper holding it down for Cambridge. He had the entire crowd captivated and gave an unforgettably energetic performance. He started his performance in a full peacoat and scarf and by the end of his performance everyone in the crowd was stripped down and as out of breathe as he was. He just released a catchy song called “Dirty Diana” that encompasses both his sound and what his live performances feel like.

The last performance of the night was by Connor Donovan who was able to pull the whole night together. As I mentioned above, I have posted about his music on Know Your Scene a couple of times before, but this was the first time that I’d seen him live. He started his set by walking into the crowd and congratulating those who had made it to the end of an energy-filled night. The crowd knew all the words to his songs, and responded well to his stage presence. There was a magical moment when it felt like everyone bonded together while Connor performed his song entitled “Gone Too Long” with the purest of emotions. DJ Meyna closed out the night by throwing on some reggaeton music that ended what can only be described as the perfect show.

I’d like to close out this review by applauding every artist that performed as well as Guerilla Warfare for putting on the show. The lineup was put together with an impressive amount of talent and everyone seemed to vibe off each other, which is something that rarely happens with the smaller local shows. I suggest keeping an eye out for those who performed because they have the ability to put Boston on the map.


Anibal: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud connor-donovan-59-si

soap.wav: Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram

Gogo.: Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram | Website

Connor Donovan: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram | Youtube



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