Eric Pow is from Quincy, MA and doing some really amazing artwork with paper. He uses his mixture of cultures, being an American born Chinese, as influence for the pieces he creates. He studied Graphic Design while in college, but also learned art techniques and philosophies that he applies to his work. When explaining why he uses paper in his art, he counters with the statement, “There is an understanding of other mediums such as paint, where painters are not questioned on why paint as medium”. He also explains, “I create art out of paper because it is the medium that relates to me the closest”. Some of the techniques he’s using to create these pieces are paper cutting, paper quilling, and paper carving. These styles and techniques have a long unique history, which he goes more in depth with on his Website. You can also find more of his artwork on his Etsy, where he also sells the bulk of his creations. In case you were reading this and wondering if he does custom pieces, the answer is yes. He can be contacted through his website or you can Email him directly.

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I like music, tattoos, and beer, in no specific order. I also like dogs a lot.