Whether you’re trying to turn up or you’re trying to vibe out and get in the zone… I strongly advise you to press play. Cousin Stizz is an up-and-coming rapper straight out of Boston. Suffolk County, to be exact – the name of his debut project which dropped last summer (2015). Stizz’s local popularity was already solid, attracting very strong followings to local venues and collaborating with other dope, local artists like Michael Christmas. Now, with Suffolk County dropping about 7 months ago, his mixtape is only gaining Stizz more popularity the longer it resonates. Suffolk County is one mix you want to bring with you from 2015 into ’16. Trust me, give this a listen and you’ll be driving around bumping Fresh Prince pulling up wherever you go. Check out his Website and connect to his social media to find his next local show – try to get there and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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