Cousin Stizz has been on Know Your Scene before with the release of his album entitled Suffolk County covered by Larry, who is one of our newest writers. “500 Horses” is the most recent single off the Boston based rapper’s mixtape MONDA, and a great follow up to his previous release. This track was recorded, mixed, and mastered locally at SpaceMonkey Studio, which is also the location where Suffolk County as well as some of Michael Christmas’ tracks were recorded. Another name you should know that worked on this jam is Lil Rich, who is part of the group StupidGenius along side Chaz King. July is going to be a big month for the local hip hop/rap scene with MONDA set to release and new music from Blake making its way to our ears too. Cousin Stizz has been putting in work and Boston on the map so we can’t wait for the release of his mixtape, which we will make sure to give you access to here. He also has a summer tour coming up if you would like to check him out live.

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