Connor Donovan is back at it again with some visuals for his track “Way Before” with some guest lyrics provided by I.O.D, who is a New York artist on the rise. Connor has been featured on Know Your Scene before for his song “Gone Too Long” and we are glad to have him on here again. We are always going to support our local artists, and we are glad to see Boston locals being able to connect with the New York scene. The instrumental of this song is not like the usual beats that we have heard from Connor, which means that he has decided to branch out of his comfort zone. The collaboration between him and I.O.D is amazing and their styles compliment each other. We will continue to follow Connor Donovan’s music journey and updating you on his path.

Connor Donovan’s Socials: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Youtube

I.O.D.’s Socials: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram



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