Nick Blunier, artist and co-founder of Common Roots Studio, has been making waves in Southern Maine’s local art scene for years.  With creative talent and a trained eye for a wide variety of mediums, the young artist is constantly creating pieces that create unique perspective through a blend of aesthetic, function and personality.  Nowhere is this distinct personality more evident than in Blunier’s calling card, driftwood sculpture.

Having studied at the University of New England, Nick has spent countless hours weaving the driftwood of Maine’s coastline into elaborate and picturesque sprawls.  As Nick’s skill and tastes have developed, his popularity and following have also bloomed.  This growth in recognition has meant that Nick is often busy crafting bespoke items for art enthusiasts that intrigue and engage.  He has also gone above and beyond by connecting artists within the community and providing a creative outlet to children through his artistic ventures.  Having known Nick for many years, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching him develop his artistic spirit while staying loyal to his roots.  Perhaps it’s through his experience as a teacher, the time spent traveling the country in a self-sustaining tiny home or the resourcefulness gained while founding Common Roots, but Blunier shows rare finesse in adapting his vision to sculpture, paint or anything else.

The work of Nick Blunier and Common Roots Studio will be showcased at Lone Pine Brewing in Portland on August 19.  Those interested in fascinating local art, excellent craft beer and great music won’t want to miss this evening.  To top things off, Common Roots will unveil a new permanent art fixture to the brewery.  If Nick’s past work is any indication, this upcoming piece will undoubtedly be astonishing.  This event will be just a taste of what’s down the road as Nick and Common Roots begin searching for a location to establish a new art studio.  Also, catch the promo video featuring insight into the artist’s methods.

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