NYC Rapper Colly C has a message that he wants his listeners to hear when they spin his new mixtape, I mxy or mxy not be a fXXXXng gXnius: He’s fXckin’ motivated to make amazing music that creates a vibe.  The mixtape contains 13 tracks, an amount deliberately chosen by Colly to convey his vibe to listeners and to sell people on his message and art.

Colly back cover

During my first run through of the record, it was apparent that there’s a variety of sounds present, from the brooding dubstep cadence of “HeLLo Alice” to the upbeat, assertive flow in “Priorities.”  Colly has always been an artist that seeks to challenge himself by adapting to different beats, instruments and hooks.  “I’m hell bent on never being befuddled when someone puts an instrumental on.  I try to say that my style is every style.”  The challenge of producing exceptional music, along with those who doubt his drive, are part of what motivates him; and with this most recent release, Colly’s gone above and beyond in quieting any skeptics.

My choice for best track off the mixtape goes to “Old School (Brand New Whip),” one of the oldest songs off the record.  After my first listen, I found the catchy hooks stuck in my head.  The verse “Squad on flex” begs to be shouted out the window while driving down the street.  Right up there on my list of favorites was “Stranger Things,” a track which, as the name might imply, carries you through some of the darker, ominous ends of Colly’s creative mind.  Special mention goes to the track “Break the Rules,” made with fellow MCs Chris Borelli and Rex Mac which I really enjoyed.  “So Gone” also deserves mention as an example of especially strong editing (alongside clever writing, as I’ve come to expect).



Facetiming Colly C, I gained some insight into how he got started and what provides his seemingly endless drive.  Colly was first exposed to making music through the heavy metal scene in his hometown of Upton, MA.  Although unsure if metal was where he’d stay, he knew that he loved music and he appreciated the gritty, hard-hitting, pit-of-your-stomach force that the genre is known for.  The direction of his musical career was reshaped during one memorable occasion in which Colly casually rapped to a beat produced by a bandmate.  The bandmate was stunned by his voice and pushed him to explore his vocals and hip hop.  While his metal days are in the past, he’s kept this gritty sound and showcases it in much of his music.  Although not from the current mixtape, Ronnie Coleman (Lightweight) is a prime example of this sound that Colly pulls off so well.

Colly C gets much of his creativity and originality from his writing chops which extend beyond hip hop and into many different mediums.  To him, good writing is about the timing.  “With a song like ‘HeLLo Alice,’ the timing is about the hook and building up to it.”  This MC certainly put his writing chops to work with songs like “Casamigos in Brazil,” where the idea was to craft a scene and a narrative for listeners.

I mxy or mxy not be a fXXXXng gXnius is an impressive showcase of Colly’s work so far.  The quality and effort involved in the tape, along with Colly’s obviously hungry demeanor are evidence that we’ll see plenty more to come.  Do yourself a favor and keep and eye on this guy.

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