We have featured Casual on Know Your Scene before because they’re a great band from Flemington, New Jersey, but this post is more about their t-shirts. It is rare that a band can come up with a t-shirt that is completely original and worth purchasing. Usually the shirts have the band name in some overused font and the logo placed somewhere around it. Casual has put in the effort to make completely unique shirts that break the mold of how band merchandise should be done. The artist behind the drawings on these shirts is Eric Escobar, who is a cartoonist from New Jersey. The shirt that caught my eye was one of a cop trying to wash off the blood on his hands in the sink with his badge next to the faucet. This is both current to the issues happening, but tastefully represented in an artistic way. I applaud Casual and the creator of their shirts because they are awesome. They also have some great music that will bring you back to the 90’s punk sound that you’ve been craving every #throwbackthursday. You can find all of their music on Bandcamp as well as these cool shirts.

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