BLAKE is a lyricist from Manchester, New Hampshire that has low-key mastered the art of making music. His tunes range from originals to remixes, but even the remixes sound like a completely different songs. This earworm is actually a remix of Auram‘s chillwave tune entitled, “Stay Close”, which you can check out Here. The last musician we found from the New Hampshire area was Maxstonaut and his acoustic R&B song “Loose Change“. BLAKE does an amazing job of consistently releasing songs and they are all worth a listen. I found his music about a week ago and wanted to post about him, but decided to wait until he released this latest song. His jams have a mixture of wordplay, catchy choruses, and clever similes. Another favorite from his discography is the jazzy style tune, “Lately“. I can’t imagine why he hasn’t released a full album in a while, but we hope he has some plans to soon because his music needs to be heard.

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I like music, tattoos, and beer, in no specific order. I also like dogs a lot.